MiMA Forklift During Canton Fair

MiMA Forklift During Canton Fair

The five-days Canton Fair has come to its end. As the experienced domestic manufacturer of electric logistics handling equipments, MiMA forklift has shown the latest products of our company to customers from all over the world, attracting many clients at home and abroad with fruitful achievements.

Our new electric pallet trucks, stackers, reach trucks and counter balance forklift are all unveiled at this exhibition. Through television, posters, picture albums and other ways of promotion, our new 3-way pallet stacker, 4-directional reach truck, multi-directional reach truck and other models are also displayed one by one. These new models are not only more modern and concise in appearance, but also more secure, stable, practical and comfortable in function. In addition to the mature Southeast Asian market, with increasing quality, our products have also been recognized by the European customers. Especially for VNA forklifts, are greatly appreciated by worldwide clients. Innovation is the life of MiMA products. It is precisely because we continuously study the practical needs of the market, think what our customers are thinking and worry about what our customers are worrying about , we can continuously provide higer quality products and more efficient service for our old and new customers.
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1. Forklift Diesel Toyota 62-8FB30, Kapasitas 3 TON, Lifting 3 Mtr Harga Rp. 155.000.000. (Bisa dinego)
2. Forklift Diesel Hangcha CPCD35N-RW13, Kapasitas 3,5 TON, Lifting 5 M
Mengenal VNA Forklift
VNA Forklift ( Very Narrow Aisle) dapat mewujudkan efesiensi dan efektifitas dalam penumpukan dan pemuatan barang di kedua sisi jalan melalui putaran garpu 180 derajat dan pergeseran sisi kiri dan kanan. Saat mengambil barang, badan forklift tidak perlu diputar di lorong yang sempit, yang secara efektif mengurangi jarak antar rak barang, dengan begini kalian bisa menghemat ruangan dalam gudang atau tempat penympanan.
lowongan Pekejaan PT Dynami Makmur Lestari Untuk Posisi Sales
PT Dynami Makmur Lestari adalah sebuah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang pengadaan berbagai jenis kebutuhan industri manufaktur di Indonesia. Kami memulai bisnis pada tanggal 1 Juni 2000 yang bertempat di Jalan Petojo Utara VII No 13C, Jakarta 10130. Sejak bulan Juni 2010, kami memiliki divisi baru yang bergerak di bidang Material Handling Equipment. Sekarang kami memiliki workshop dan gudang penyimpanan di Jalan Raya Bekasi KM 23 No. 62, Cakung, Jakarta Timur 13950. PT Dynami Makmur Lestari adalah pemilik resmi merek dagang Material Handling Equipment:
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